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Aura Color Interpretation Guide

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

RED - Chakra: Root

Balanced: safe, secure, grounded, confident, rooted, centered, belonging, trusting, independent, alive, physical, instinctual

Imbalanced: scattered, anxious, fearful, egotistical, domineering, greedy, violent, cruel, angry, insecure, hopeless, stuck

Gifts: trust, gifted hands/physicality, strength

Experiencing: desire, vitality, power. Having the urge to win and/or achieve success. Having intense experiences. Taking action, doing. Great physicality or engaging in sports. Struggle, competition, forcing of will, leadership. Great strength, courage, passion, earthiness, practicality, desire for possessions, adventure, survival mode

ORANGE - Chakra: Sacral

Balanced: creative, sexy, vivacious, healthy, playful, manifesting, open, fulfilled, flexible, exuberant, in- flow, free, sensual

Imbalanced: repressed, blocked, withheld, isolated, powerless, manipulative, craving, joyless

Gifts: stillness, manifesting, creativity

Experiencing: heightened creativity and/or emotions, exuberance, the ability to relate to others in an open, friendly manner, great sociability, independence, personal expression, expansiveness, exploration of one’s gifts, the ability to reach and extend one’s self to others. Entrepreneurial, able to sell. Successful interaction with the public

YELLOW - Chakra: Solar Plexus

Balanced: highly-esteemed, self-respecting, worthy, persevering, bold, responsible, accountable, disciplined, powerful

Imbalanced: deceptive, controlling, malicious, manipulating, negative, procrastinating, abusive, self-centered, bombarding

Gifts: self-acceptance, authenticity, willpower, strength

Experiencing: connectedness to nature and animals, great sense of humor and fun, optimism, intellectuality, openness to new ideas, happiness, warmth, relaxation, uninhibited expansiveness, release of burdens, problems and restrictions. Organizing, planning. Hope and expectation, inspiration. Ability to encourage and support others naturally, to radiate like the sun

GREEN - Chakra: Heart

Balanced: loving, empathetic, open-hearted, generous, patient, kind, forgiving, accepting, harmonious, loyal, grateful

Imbalanced: angry, bitter, resentful, envious, selfish, unforgiving, rejected, undiscerning, undisciplined, hateful, ungrateful

Gifts: compassion, empathy, love

Experiencing: perseverance, tenacity, firmness, patience, a sense of responsibility and service. High ideals and aspirations. Dedication. Great emphasis on work and career. Ambition. Desire for respectability and personal attainment. Deeply focused, adaptable. Balancing, growing, evolving

BLUE - Chakra: Throat

Balanced: communicative, effective, expressive, honest, reflective, courageous, commanding, charismatic, intentional

Imbalanced: timid, criticizing, arrogant, anxious, disempowered, self-righteous, ineffective

Gifts: truth, communication, diplomacy

Experiencing: depth of feeling, commitment, trust, loyalty. Deep devotion to personal relationships. Deep empathy for others. Healing self and/or others. Dreaming and heightened sense of artistic ability. prioritizing the needs of others above self. Heightened emotional sensitivity and intuition. Inwardly focused, enjoying solitude. Desiring or enjoying unity, peace, love and affection. Calmness and tranquility. Looking for truth, justice and beauty in everything

INDIGO - Chakra: Third Eye

Balanced: highly-intuitive, aware, meditative, purposed, clear, spiritual, empathic, imaginative, wise, soulful, sensitive

Imbalanced: confused, lost, delusional, wandering, impressionable, over-sensitive, egotistical, depressed, obsessed

Gifts: clairvoyance, clairaudience, insight, prophetic dreams, visions

Experiencing: heightened physical and emotional sensitivity. Driven toward personal progression and the evolution of humanity. A calling to use technology to progress the human race. Relying heavily on technology as a tool to help and reach others. Challenging the status quo. Ability to easily innovate and influence others. Tapped in to all that is forward and progressive.

VIOLET - Chakra: Crown

Balanced: mystical, tranquil, divinely-connected, wise, peaceful, ethical, humanitarian, conscientious, deep, open-minded

Imbalanced: detached, materialistic, greedy, dominant, overindulgent, suffering, disconnected, apathetic, addicted

Gifts: oneness, unity, claircognizance, selflessness

Experiencing: unconventional lifestyle, incredible charm and charisma, the uncommon ability to make one’s own dreams come true, or manifest desires, uncanny ability to charm and delight others. Deep connection with higher planes of consciousness. A sense of playfulness and tolerance of the eccentricities of others. Heightened sensitivity and compassion. Tenderness and kindness. Dreaminess. Ability to entertain and captivate others. Great sense of personal magnetism. Able to incite revolution. Rapid ascension.

WHITE/CRYSTAL- Chakra: None (God/Source Energy)

Balanced: a gifted healer, highly-spiritual, rare, prophetic, sensitive, ascended, angelic, pure, service-oriented, loving

Imbalanced: vulnerable, naive, lacking boundaries, victimized, abused

Gifts: healing, service, unconditional love

Experiencing: holiness, a season of service and giving to others, using the fruit of inner work to help and guide others, transitioning from healing self to healing others. Purification of thoughts and energy. Sharing inner healing outward. Loving self and others unconditionally, enacting God’s will in and for your life.

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